Platinum Pasadena TX Coin StoreThe American Platinum Eagles are platinum bullion (solid) coins officially minted and released by United States Mint in the year 1997 are available at your Pasadena TX Coin Store. This coin is authorized by the United States Congress, being the first and only investment grade platinum coin ever issued by the United States Government.

With this platinum coin, collectors can take advantage of it as investment in precious metals, since platinum is said to be rarer than gold. This is the only bullion coin whose weight, content and .9995 purity are backed by the United States Government.

These coins are legal tender with the face value engraved in US Dollars but the United States Mint also produces proof and uncirculated versions of this coin for collection purposes. The proof version is distinctive in a sense that each year they have alternating reverse design from different artists giving it more appeal to collectors. Likewise, the proof and uncirculated version also contain the same amount of platinum.

Designs and Sizes

The term “eagle” in the coin’s name refers to the “soaring eagle” design at the tail side or back of the coin (reverse). The head side or front of coin (obverse) displays a wide portrait of the Statue of Liberty.  Obverse design for all years and sizes of coin is the same.

Respectable experts John M. Mercanti and Thomas D. Rogers Sr. were commissioned to design these coins. Mercanti designed the obverse (statue of liberty, “in God we trust” and date) while Rogers Sr. designed the reverse in 1997 (“United States of America” “.9995 Platinum”, denomination and platinum content)

The American Platinum Eagle coins are offered in tenth ounce (for $10 legal tender face value), fourth ounce (for $25 legal tender face value), half ounce (for $50 legal tender face value) and one ounce (for $100 legal tender face value) varieties. Both legal tenders and proof and uncirculated coins are made in the same varieties

Mintage Limit

Due to the fact that pure platinum is very expensive and rare, collectors and investors of precious metals are shifting to these platinum coins. One obvious reason is because they sell at a more reasonable price than platinum metals price. However, higher premium is placed in each platinum eagle coin because of their special mint treatment and packaging. Likewise the mint sells these coins during the year of issue. The mint also placed a limit to the quantity they produced, translating to these coins being scarce and potential high price increase over time.

Platinum eagle coins were not sold directly to the public like gold and silver coins. The United States Mint sold these coins to their network of certified purchasers who in turn resold the same to dealers and public (independent collectors). In 2008, the US Mint suspended the production of platinum eagle coins and no more coins were issued from 2009 to present.

It was in 2006 to 2008 that the US Mint produced and offered proof and uncirculated versions of these platinum eagle coins directly to the public. These collectibles were also offered in the same denomination. The difference, however, is the inclusion of the “W” mint mark (signifying the place from which the coins were minted) and the alternating designs on the reverse.

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