Fathers Day JewelryYou may have already decided on buying jewelry for your dad for Father’s day, but you may be wondering what you need to consider in making the right jewelry choices. You want to make sure he would appreciate the gift. After all, you are aware that buying jewelry will cost a little more than the usual gifts.

If you notice that your dad isn’t a fan of jewelry, don’t think it’s because he doesn’t like them. Not all men are entirely comfortable in going to jewelry stores. They aren’t keen on the right selection and are afraid of being pursued to buy something he doesn’t really. However dad is always happy to know that his kids are thinking of him, so giving him jewelry with “DAD” in mind will definitely please him.

Here are some the things you need to consider in buying the right kind of jewelry:

Personality and Style

Why should men be left out in fashion; men’s jewelry these days are designed and made to include some sense of fashion in them. Pick a piece that would complement his casual style so he’d have no problem using that regularly. Whether his personality is formal or fun and hip, there’s a style that would match that.

Favorite Piece

Like women, some men have a particular bias for one type of jewelry. Do you observe him having different collection of bracelets or necklace chains? Maybe he likes timepieces than an actual jewelry. Buy jewelry that you can add to his favorite collection or if budget would permit, buy him a set instead.

Metals and Other Materials

Many fashionable jewelry for men nowadays are made from a wide variety of metals. Apart from traditional metals like gold and silver, choices in platinum, titanium, stainless steel, tungsten carbide and palladium are also available. These metals vary in strength and durability, luster as well as commercial value. As for other materials, you’ll find that leather or PVC rubber when combined with any of these metals creates a unique fashion statement.

Trustworthy Jeweler

You can’t afford to just buy from any store you’re not too comfortable discussing what you need. Go to a jeweler that you can trust, who’d be willing to tell you the pros and cons of your choices even if it means lower sales on their part. You also want a store that has wide variety of modern choices and would carry a service warranty for the jewelry you bought.


You should have a definite budget in mind and be comfortable in sticking to it. Be wary that when you mention a budget, some jewelers will offer a piece that is worth way below that as part of a sales tactic. You might not be getting your money’s worth if this would be the direction of your transaction. Try not to inform your jeweler what this budget is and allow him to make an offer. When you’re offered something that is over that budget, simply ask for the best alternative for a lesser price.

Pre-owned or Pawn pieces

If budget is an issue, consider looking through some pre-owned or pawn pieces. You can be sure that these pieces are of good quality that you can buy at less its market price. However, your choices might only be limited to the classic designs and hardly anything that can be used as fashion accessory. Shop your local jewelry store and gold buyer in Pasadena, TX; find plentiful bargains when thinking of dad.