Mans diamond fashion ringYour expert jeweler in Pasadena TX says, “Gone are the days when diamonds are limited only to women’s jewelry”. These days, modern men enjoy the brilliance of diamonds in their own jewelry pieces.

Diamonds hold many symbolic meanings – eternal love, passion, power, strength and healing – that over the years people regard as mystical. Since the beginning of the discovery of this rare gift of nature, the desire for this stone never really faded for those who wish to possess it. Thanks to modern technology, diamonds are no longer limited to the possession by only the wealthy; we now see a lot of synthetic diamonds mimicking the real thing in most jewelry setting.

Men’s jewelries over the years were seen to include diamonds in them sometimes more than what women has in a single setting. But if you find the traditional designs too outdated for your modern dad, then consider some of the modern jewelry designs for men that continue to marry masculinity with elegance and style – with diamonds, of course, to highlight the setting.


Gold remains the top choice of middle-aged men. They fit quite well in his power dressing at work and formal gatherings. Gold too is traditionally fit for diamonds in jewelry designs, creating a classic piece that can be passed on from one generation to the next. But don’t limit your choices to using just yellow gold for the kind of jewelry in mind. With the addition of other kinds of metals, your usual yellow gold can now turn to rose, white, blue or even green.

Titanium, Stainless Steel or platinum

Have you noticed how men these days seem to have a bias for white metals for their jewelry choices? There is just something about these metals that make them look very hip on men, always giving off a distinctive shine. Jewelry designed using these metals make it easy for men to match them with any of their wardrobe. Likewise, apart from the metal as the primary material, they look just as excellent too in contemporary designs when combined with leather or PVC rubber.

Now imagine these pieces with diamonds in them?


A three-band bold ring style separated by deep grooving in between will look more sophisticated with three small diamonds as the central highlight.


Totally a personalized idea is a sterling silver with leather bracelet of his star sign or the initial of his name on a silver disc whose outline is adorned by colored diamonds.

Open cuff

A black ceramic and stainless steel open cuff will also look great when accented with eight round diamond pieces that line up across the center.


A cross pendant is a favorite among men. Choose this type of pendant in tungsten carbide with carbon fiber inlay for a dark tone accent. Brilliant cut diamond works well as the pendant’s centerpiece.


You can find formal, round cufflinks in combination of sterling silver and gold and series of diamonds that outline and accent the edges.

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