rolex-resized-600Do you believe that as diamonds are for women, Rolex are for men? What is it about this watch that men love so much and why is it that this gift fits the bill as a great gift for your dad on Father’s day?

No one can deny that Rolex is one of the world’s most popular brands in luxury watches. Since 1908, this brand has been manufacturing watches synonymous to comfort and style that is guaranteed to last a lifetime with basic maintenance. Rolex is not just a popular brand but powerful as well, making it a status symbol for those who own it. Over the decades, they have maintained their focus on key design line that is easily recognizable in all markets.

An epitome of success

Apart from being a classic, a Rolex watch conveys that you are a man of success. Celebrities, presidents, public officials and even the face of Mi6, James Bond, all proudly wore a Rolex watch. From even the entry level watch designs for early success in life, to the diamond-bezelled designs for the highly privileged ones, a Rolex watch is a great visual reminder of hard work and dedication for success. When one has finally “arrived” a Rolex becomes the “stamp” of lifelong achievement. That is the Brand Image that Rolex wants you to have.


Thanks to the reliable ingenuity of the makers of this watch, Rolex has become timeless, an heirloom worth passing over from generation to generation. This is made possible by the stringent manufacturing standards that the makers adhere to, using only the most durable materials available like robust metals or alloy combined with gold. You hardly see a Rolex watch in a new or experimental design, but instead they constantly improve their simple yet fine lines to make sure the wearing experience becomes better and better for both aesthetic and function.

Maintaining value over time

Yes, a Rolex watch remains in top demand even after many years since it was first introduced in the market; that is why its value hardly depreciates. Keep a brand new Rolex watch in top condition and sell after five years and you’ll be surprised at the price it brings especially compared to other luxury brands. The same is not true with others luxury watches; it’s no wonder men would save up for this wise investment instead of buying another expensive watch that is sure to go down in value the moment it’s put on their wrists. For higher yielding investment, there are the “investment-grade” types of Rolex watches that one can also consider on buying.

Imitation is the best form of flattery

It doesn’t come now as a surprise if you find other brands of watches that try to be like a Rolex, from the way they look and the way they work. This imitation cements the tribute to Rolex that is present in every wannabe. While some watches may have a Rolex influence in them, it still doesn’t compare to the real thing.

Rolex for men

Get your dad any one of these popular Rolex watches: The Submariner, the Yacht-Master, the Daytona and the Datejust. But do not limit you choice with these as there are other collections of Rolex that are equally impressive. Don’t fret on the price either, some local fine jewelers offer interest-free installment on major purchases such as fine watches. Still, if you’re considering a practical purchase, buying Rolex from second-hand shops of fine watches is also a good idea.

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