Fathers day jewelry for dadYou wanted to give your dad something special for Father’s day, so you decided on giving him jewelry!

This is an excellent choice for a gift, because jewelry is a symbol of honoring him as well; it is something that will bear a sentimental value for your dad for years and years to come. Do you want your gift to be more than appreciated, then, personalize it! Personalizing your gift means you took enough time to look for the best choice. When your dad finally sees your gift he will know for sure that you really had him in mind.

Are you at a loss as to how you could personalize your jewelry gift? Here are some suggestions:

Something about his birth sign

Whether Capricorn, Virgo or Scorpio you’ll find a piece of jewelry that will show his birth sign. Stainless steel jewelry for men, for example, has lots of pendants of crab for cancer, ram for Aries or bull for Taurus. Likewise, if you prefer the more formal metal designs choose the star signs of his birth month instead.

Something about his personal interest

Does he like golf, tennis, cycling, or music? If he regularly wears cufflinks at work and on formal occasions, you may get him cufflinks with designs that show his personal interests. There are so many adorable cufflink designs now that can reveal you dad’s other side. You may be surprised to see cufflinks that include the famous Indian head penny for your coin collector dad, or if he is feeling like superman, the famous man of steel’s insignia would be a good choice. Giving your dad novelty cufflinks will allow him to loosen up a bit under those crisp button down shirt.

Engraved message

What better way to make your message clear than to engrave it straight onto the jewelry. On the inside of a thin silver cuff, on the back side of a wide rectangular gold pendant or on the inside of a ring – there are many ways to engrave your thoughts. For sure, after a long day’s work your message on his jewelry that says “you are forever my hero” would be enough to take his stress away.

Name Initial

This is a safe choice, choosing the first letter of his name in gold or silver. This is good for a pendant, in formal, hip or symmetrical designs.

One love, two hearts

Do you remember those big heart pendants that are broken into two and were popular among lovers? Well, you and your dad may share those hearts, too. You may even engrave your name in the side of the heart you’ll give him and his name on the side of the heart you’ll keep.

Picture perfect

How about a photo-engraved pendant? Find a good picture of your family and have that engraved in a wide gold or silver pendant. You may choose between laser engraving, giving you a faint image noticeable only under close scrutiny, or a colored laser engraving for a full color display of the family portrait. At the back of the pendant, you may also engrave a sweet message for your dad.

Remember, Father’s Day is Sunday June 16, 2013. You have plenty of time to shop around, shop online or visit your area jewelry stores in Pasadena, TX or in your own hometown. To shop for items we can order for you click here Shop for Men’s Jewelry