Gold Coins FinalThe price of gold is at one of its highest points in years, so this may be the time to go through your jewelry and consider what you may not want or have not used to cash in on this precious metal.

Gold Final 2To ensure you get the best deal for your gold, consider these tips for selling your gold:

  • Get to know who you are selling to before actually selling. This means doing some research about the gold buyer. You can go on sites like the Better Business Bureau or social media sites like Yelp to hear what others have to say about the gold buying business. It’s also a good idea to go into the store and browse around, interact with the staff, and get an overall feel for the place before you bring in your gold to sell to see if you feel comfortable with a working relationship with the staff.
  • Do your homework about gold selling. For example, you will want to be familiar with certain facts about gold selling, including that the gold is measured in Troy ounces so be sure to have the weight of the pieces that you are selling in advance. You also want to know that karats in your gold. Read into the types of scams that some unsavory places will use to try to trick you when you are trying to sell your gold. Know the approximate value of what you are selling because gold coins are not worth the same as a gold necklace. Also be familiar with the current price of gold, which can be found online or in the business section of a daily newspaper.
  • Shop around to different gold buyers. Be sure to get a few estimates before settling on a jewelry store or gold buyer to Set of fine gold bars on white background.  Finance 3d illustratcomplete your transaction. Shopping around will also help familiarize you with the process of selling gold so you can be aware of how it works if you decide to sell more gold in the future.
Closeup of yellow gold jewelery on a black background

Closeup of yellow gold jewelery on a black background

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