Watch FinalIf you have a watch or some jewelry that is in need of repair, it may be time to consider taking it into a reputable jewelry store to get it back to looking new.

Before you go the next step, consider these general facts about watch and jewelry repair.Gold Jewelry

Things to Know About Watch Repair

  • Some watches just need cleaning while others may require a complete overhaul. An overall for a watch involves taking the complete movement apart, ultrasonically cleaning and oiling it, and putting it back together. This typically should be done every five years.
  • Your watch may need a quartz conversion, which means that the mechanical/electric movement is replaced with a modern regulated quartz movement. It is a great way to update a treasured watch.
  • Watch stem and crown repair involves the little knob on the side of a watch, which helps you set the time on the watch.
  • Simpler watch repairs include replacing the watch battery. This is necessary when your watch stops telling the correct time or just stops running altogether. Other changes that may be needed include replacing the gasket on the watch as well as polishing the metal band or replacing the band or strap on the watch.
  • Lastly, you can check on the water pressure to make sure that water is not leaking into the watch.rolex-resized-600

Things to Know About Jewelry

  • Jewelry repair can also involve just as many options as watch repair since there are many types of jewelry and ways that it may require a change, upgrade, replacement or cleaning.
  • Some of the jewelry repair options include chain and bracelet repair, polishing, ring soldering, diamond setting, ring sizing, stone re-sets, engraving, ring rebuilding, gem and diamond replacement, pearl and bead restringing, and new clasps just to name a few examples.Jewelry Repair
  • It’s a good idea to inspect and clean your jewelry at least two times per year. This regular maintenance helps to extend the life of your jewelry. Jewelry is typically cleaned with steam and ultrasonic equipment to get rid of any residue that’s built up over time.

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