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Tips on Buying Silver or Gold Coins

Silver coins and gold coins have been noted as an excellent investment vehicle. Before jumping in and start buying gold coins or silver coins, you need to know a bit more about the types of coins available and how to buy safe rather than become the victim of fraud. This article provides tips on buying gold coins and buying silver coins. How to Buy Gold Coins Gold coins are either bullion coins or numismatic, or collector, coins. Most gold investors are typically interested gold bullion coins because they have substantial gold content and pricing is more transparent than gold collector coins. Collector coin enthusiasts tend to stick those types versus buying bullion coins. You need to decide which type of gold coin interests you and stick to that type as you invest in order to build your expertise. While you can buy gold coins online like at various coin seller and coin buyer sites as well as places like EBay, you may want to consider buying your coins in person or at least with a gold coin store first and then using the convenience of their EBay store once you’ve established a relationship with that gold coin dealer. Don’t assume [...]

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We Support Local Charities in Pasadena, Texas

As a long-standing member of the local community in Pasadena, Texas, we have been committed to supporting local organizations that raise money and help out our neighbors and citizens in need of greater assistance. For over 25 years, we have participated in various charities and fundraising efforts throughout Houston and the Pasadena, Texas area. Project Joy & Hope One of the charities we support is Project Joy & Hope. Their mission is to “promote the physical and psychological well-being of children with life-limiting conditions as well as to support their families. They offer this assistance through education, program and resource development, and community awareness events. To further our efforts in helping local charities like Project Joy & Hope, your purchase in our Pasadena, TX jewelry store or online at our Ebay store will mean that they get extra funds. We donate 10% of all Ebay sales to Project Joy & Hope. That includes our live auctions and inventory that is currently listed in our Ebay store. VFW Necklaces We have also participated in the local community in other ways. For example, the VFW commissioned a stunning custom gold necklace that they give to the families of fallen soldiers. This is [...]

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What is a Custom Jewelry Bar?

When you hear the term, “bar,” you may think it’s some type of watering hole. However, in the case of our Houston jewelry store, the word, “bar” is less about drinks and more about a comfortable place to come and relax while you create the custom jewelry of your dreams for yourself or that special someone in your life. The reason we came up with this term is that, despite being the best jewelry store in Pasadena, Texas, we have always aimed at offering a truly unique experience for you, our customers. While some may feel nervous coming into a jewelry store, afraid to look or even consider the possibility of getting custom jewelry, our aim is to show that this can be a reality. The custom jewelry bar has been a way to get people comfortable with the idea of creating a necklace or designing a ring. Our customers can also custom design bracelets, earrings, and other special pieces of jewelry. Plus, it gives us the opportunity to show off the incredible technology we use that lets you see your custom jewelry design come to life before your eyes so you know exactly what it will look like before [...]

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