Depositphotos_9984623_s-2015When you hear the term, “bar,” you may think it’s some type of watering hole. However, in the case of our Houston jewelry store, the word, “bar” is less about drinks and more about a comfortable place to come and relax while you create the custom jewelry of your dreams for yourself or that special someone in your life.

DiamondsThe reason we came up with this term is that, despite being the best jewelry store in Pasadena, Texas, we have always aimed at offering a truly unique experience for you, our customers.

While some may feel nervous coming into a jewelry store, afraid to look or even consider the possibility of getting custom jewelry, our aim is to show that this can be a reality.

The custom jewelry bar has been a way to get people comfortable with the idea of creating a necklace or designing a ring. Our customers can also custom design bracelets, earrings, and other special pieces of jewelry.

Plus, it gives us the opportunity to show off the incredible technology we use that lets you see your custom jewelry design come to life before your eyes so you know exactly what it will look like before it’s even made.ringsets-resized-600

Previously, we could only provide some type of drawing or a picture of something that looks similar to what you were thinking of. Now, the software we use offers a multi-dimensional view of what your jewelry will look like. That means seeing how the precious metals and gemstones work together along with the design style you have selected.

We see how excited customers get when they see their custom jewelry designs appear in such a realistic way. It also helps them get a better idea of what they really want for themselves or their loved ones.ring-resized-600

Working with the jewelry design team, you can tell them your budget, what you want to create, and even bring in examples of something similar to illustrate your idea. Then, our team will go to work with suggestions that fit those specifications. And, it’s all done in a relaxing atmosphere designed to make it as enjoyable as possible.

Are you ready to see what our custom jewelry bar is all about? Come on by today!