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Jewelry Ideas for Prom

With prom coming up at the local area high schools here in Houston, we wanted to share some great jewelry ideas for prom where you can accent that great prom outfit with something truly special. Here are some of the popular trends we see for prom 2016: Chandelier earrings work well with an up-do hairstyle and off-the-shoulder dress. These earrings are typically gold as this provides the most elegant look over silver. A necklace with numerous drop features along it is ideal for an off-the-shoulder dress as it calls attention to the neck and shoulder area. It tends to go well with a more glamorous style of prom dress. Costume jewelry continues to be popular as it offers a dramatic look to any prom attire. Very popular are art-deco style bracelets, necklaces, and brooches. Jeweled headbands and armbands are very popular this year. Just make sure that a jeweled armband doesn’t interfere with your prom corsage. Stacked pearl bracelets are a cool trend this year, offering a great romantic look for a very classic or traditional style of prom dress. Stackable rings are another trend that has emerged for prom in 2016. These gold rings can have gemstones or be [...]

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The April Birthstone is Diamonds: Time to Buy Some Special Diamond Jewelry Gifts

Now in the midst of April, you may have some special birthdays to celebrate like a spouse or other family member. It’s a great idea to gift that special someone with a piece of jewelry that represents their April birthstone, which just so happens to be diamonds. Diamonds are a truly spectacular birthstone that represents prestige, strength, and power. This gemstone was also thought to have healing powers back in the Middle Ages. It has always been known as a somewhat magical gemstone due to the way it reflects light and creates a dramatic effect. When you select a diamond as a gift, you can go with a clear, sparkling diamond or try one of the new color treated diamonds like those in a rainbow of colors or that are offered as “chocolate” diamonds. On top of the color, you also have all types of options, including diamond earrings, diamond necklaces, diamond rings, diamond bracelets, diamond tennis bracelets, diamond broaches and even diamond encrusted watches. We have a wide selection of diamond jewelry, including antique diamond jewelry and the ability to create your own custom diamond jewelry pieces. Our Pasadena, TX jewelry shop and our online EBay store offers a [...]

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Turning a Family Heirloom into an Updated Piece of Jewelry

Closeup of yellow gold jewelery on a black background A special family heirloom like a piece of jewelry or gem is one of the most treasured items to receive from a family member. It is something to hold onto and often is there to remind us of the family member that’s gone. While we value this special gift that has been left for us, sometimes it may well be that it just isn’t our style. Since we all have personal preferences and like jewelry to fit with our style, it may well be what you were left isn’t exactly something you would wear no matter how much you love that it came from a loved one. That’s when you can honor their memory but create a new piece of jewelry from the gem stones by coming to us and setting up an appointment at our Pasadena, Texas jewelry bar. Here, you will be able to select a different setting to show off that gem but in a way that you will enjoy wearing it and that will fit your personal style. All you need to do is bring in your old jewelry and we can discuss the type [...]

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How to Select a Diamond Ring

Purchasing a diamond ring for yourself or a loved one or even a diamond engagement ring is a big deal. You are investing in something beautiful and priceless that you plan to keep for a lifetime. So, before you just go anywhere and buy the first diamond ring you see, there are some things to keep in mind and do that will help you select the best diamond ring: Do your homework so you know more about what type of diamonds there are, how they are priced, and the type of materials that are used to make a diamond ring. Consider your budget. This is a large purchase and you don’t want to go crazy and put yourself in the poorhouse to buy a diamond ring. Focus on a price range that is equivalent of two months of salary for you. If you are buying it for a special someone or even yourself, know what they like in terms of setting like classic, pave, or diamond shape. There are also styles like a diamond solitaire ring or a diamond eternity band ring. Look at the other jewelry your special someone has, consider personality and lifestyle, and even ask outright what [...]

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