jewelryrepairphoto-resized-600You love your jewelry and watches, so the last thing you want is for them to break.

The good news is that most items can be repaired by a jewelry store. Most repairs are related to wear and tear.

Here are some of the most common jewelry repairs and watch repairs we see in our Pasadena, Texas jewelry store:

Closeup of gold jewelery with precious stones

Closeup of gold jewelery with precious stones

Common Jewelry Repairs

  • Worn metal: On wedding bands and other rings, the metal can be worn down and weaken. A gold or platinum-smith would need to take care of this common jewelry repair.
  • Broken prongs: Diamond and gem settings use prongs to hold these in place. Over time or with poor care, these prongs can wear down or just simply break. You don’t want to lose a precious gem so this needs to be fixed by a jeweler.
  • Broken chains and links: Necklace and bracelet chains and links also break over time. Depending on where or what breaks in the chain or links, it may be repairable or it may need to be replaced. A jewelry repair shop will be able to tell you what is involved upon closer inspection.
  • Lost stones: if you hit a ring or other jewelry piece on something, you may realize later that you have lost a precious or semi-precious gem. Most of these are easy to match and a quick fix.
  • Spinning or bent rings: Constant wear and changes in finger size can lead to rings becoming bent or easy to move around your finger. A jeweler can correct these two issues. You may want to consider thicker rings that do not tend to bend as well as have existing rings re-sized.

Common Watch Repairs

  • Battery replacement: When the second hand on your watch starts ticking every few seconds, this is a sign that it’s time for a new battery. A battery can last anywhere from one to five years, depending on the watch and how many functions it has.Jewelry Repair
  • Refurbishment: All watches should be overhauled every three to five years. Think of it as a tune-up for your watch, which includes checking all the movements as well as cleaning and re-lubricating all parts.
  • New movement: A new movement is like putting a new engine the watch. Everything gets replaced within the watch, which can become very expensive, so you will need to get an estimate first before proceeding to make sure it’s something you really want to do.

Our jewelry and watch repair staff have years of experience, working on all types of watches and jewelry.

We also offer free estimates.

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