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Why Buy from Our eBay Store?

You might wonder why we have an eBay store when we have one of the largest jewelry stores in Houston already in place. However, there are many advantages that we have found to having both a brick-and-mortar store and an online store on eBay. New Customers First, it helps reach those jewelry shoppers who are not even from the Houston area but may be searching for a perfect piece of jewelry or even a set of coins. This provides us with a way to access a larger audience and grow our customer base beyond just where we operate our Houston jewelry store. Appeal to Online Shoppers It also helps reach out to those in the Houston area that may not feel comfortable always walking into a jewelry store, thinking they can’t afford anything. The online store through eBay provides them with an idea of what the jewelry costs prior to coming in so they can see there is something for every budget. Matching Unsold Jewelry with the Right Buyer In reaching other potential customers, we also put up jewelry on the eBay store that we have not been able to sell. The result is that we’ve found customers that were [...]

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Why Hang Onto Unwanted Jewelry?

Closeup of gold jewelery with precious stones There are a number of reasons why you shouldn’t be keeping that unwanted jewelry. After all, it’s not like these are likely to be family heirlooms because then they would be a treasure. This unwanted jewelry is simply collecting dust and taking up space in your jewelry box. Having less clutter is always a good thing. Closeup of yellow gold jewelery on a black background Then there is the idea that the jewelry could be worth something so you have free money sitting there that you could be using on other items or just simply putting in the bank for a rainy day. Even if it’s costume jewelry, you’d be surprised what it might be worth, so it’s good to take it to a jewelry appraiser at a jewelry store to find out. What you may no longer like in terms of jewelry style might be the exact thing another person has been searching for, especially if your unwanted jewelry is vintage or from a certain time period. It’s worth having a look to see what people are searching for on online sites where they can list a certain type [...]

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Father’s Day Gift Guide: Watches, Rings, Coins and More

Mom doesn’t have to be the only one to get a great gift from our Pasadena, Texas jewelry store. There is plenty here that will show Dad just how much you love and appreciate him this Father’s Day on Sunday, June 19th. Our Houston jewelry store is full of great gift ideas for Dad that he can cherish for a lifetime. Check out these gift ideas: Modern and vintage watches are still popular with Dads. It doesn’t have to be an Apple Watch to tempt him. Instead, you can check out our selection of antique and vintage watches, including Rolex, as well as new and traditional watch brands as well as other luxury watch brands. You can even get the watch engraved so he can remember who it was from and on what occasion he received it. We have many styles of men’s rings and bracelets that also make a nice touch for Father’s Day or we can custom create a ring or bracelet for Dad at our custom jewelry bar that highlights his individual style and design preferences. Our Houston jewelry store is renowned for our coin collection and if your Dad is a collector or you want to [...]

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Jewelry Gift Ideas for National Rose Month

June is national rose month and it’s a great time to extend that celebration into a jewelry gift for a loved one or even for yourself. We have some great ideas for celebrating the beautiful rose this month: Rose Gold As you may know, pure gold is always yellow. However, to create rose gold, colored alloys are mixed together and then added to gold to create rose-colored rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces. The reddish color is created by adding copper in just a very small amount. Sometimes, silver is also added to provide a different pink hue. Many people enjoy this type of jewelry because it creates a different look and often stands out from just the typical yellow gold color. The rose gold is also a way to match jewelry with certain clothing styles or looks you want to create. Rose Jewelry We also can offer or custom create rose jewelry, such as rose pendants, bracelets, or broaches. We’ve also taken a real rose and dipped it in 24k gold for customers, creating a lifetime way to tell someone how much you love them. There are many unique ways to incorporate roses in your jewelry that you can discover [...]

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