ebay_buttonflowersandcolocationYou might wonder why we have an eBay store when we have one of the largest jewelry stores in Houston already in place. However, there are many advantages that we have found to having both a brick-and-mortar store and an online store on eBay.

New Customers

First, it helps reach those jewelry shoppers who are not even from the Houston area but may be searching for a perfect piece of jewelry or even a set of coins. This provides us with a way to access a larger audience and grow our customer base beyond just where we operate our Houston jewelry store.

Appeal to Online Shoppers

It also helps reach out to those in the Houston area that may not feel comfortable always walking into a jewelry store, thinking they can’t afford anything. The online store through eBay provides them with an idea of what the jewelry costs prior to coming in so they can see there is something for every budget.

Matching Unsold Jewelry with the Right Buyer

In reaching other potential customers, we also put up jewelry on the eBay store that we have not been able to sell. The result is that we’ve found customers that were looking for those items and have been able to sell jewelry that we might not have done otherwise.necklace-resized-600

Extra Marketing Power

The eBay store is a great marketing tool that allows us to feature and focus certain types of jewelry on a seasonal basis or highlight certain services like our jewelry bar.

Greater Website Traffic

Plus, it encourages people to visit our website and learn more about us as a quality, service-oriented jewelry store. We have found that many people come to our website from the eBay store in search of more information about what we offer.vintagering-resized-600

Brand-Building across Channels

Whether you check out our eBay store or you come to our Houston jewelry store, we focus on maintaining the same quality, service, and value that you deserve.