Set of fine gold bars on white background.  Finance 3d illustratThere are many websites that offer a place where you can sell your gold and silver. However, the idea of mailing your gold and silver in and waiting to see what you will get paid is a little worrisome. Will you get paid? Have you lost your jewelry or gold and silver? Is there any recourse?

With many of these services, there may be reason to be concerned. However, with Pasadena Gold and Jewelry here in Houston, Texas, we are proud of this easy service and provide a commitment to everyone that uses it that we offer a fair and transparent way to sell your gold and silver. Silver Final

You can mail your items to us by registered USPS mail, UPS, or FedEx to:Gold Coins Final

Pasadena Gold and Jewelry
6015 Fairmont Parkway
Pasadena, Texas 77505

Of course, you can also bring us your items for immediate payment.

When you mail us your gold, silver, jewelry, or coins, we weigh, test, and grade them the day they are received. We also will contact you to confirm that we received your items and will share our comprehensive analysis with you. You can then accept or decline our offer. If you decline, we will return your items the next business day at the cost of registered mail and pending value. If you accept, you will receive a company check that will be mailed out immediately.

We have numerous reviews that substantiate the ease of selling your items like gold, silver, jewelry, and coins with us in terms of our fair prices and honest transactions.

We understand that you may be cautious so come in and talk to us first or we’d be happy to give you some references that speak to how easy and fair our gold and silver selling system is and how you can find a convenient way to get rid of items that have been collecting dust for years.

You can also use our eBay store to sell your items as another online channel for selling your gold, silver, jewelry, coins and diamonds.