bobbles-resized-600Your friends are most likely your most treasured asset. They are invaluable in many ways because it’s hard to find someone that will always be there for you and that you enjoy their company so much. Not that we take that for granted but often are hectic lives lead to us forgetting to let our friends know just how much they mean to us.

That’s why things like Friendship Week were invented. It’s a time to stop and remember what makes your friends so special and also the opportune time to let them know. Each year, Friendship Week lands on the third week of August. This year, that means it’s August 21st through August 27th. diamondstuds3-resized-600

Special friends deserve special gifts like jewelry. There are many types of jewelry that make great gifts for friends in your life and there’s no better time than Friendship Week to pick up a jewelry gift for them.

Consider these gift ideas for your special friends during Friendship Week:
• Charm bracelet with charms that represent your friendship and the interests of your friend
• A friendship braceletillustration wedding pendant necklace on chain
• A necklace that is themed with friendship or that contains a locket so you can put a picture
• Their name on a necklace
• A friendship or cocktail ring
• A watch that has been engraved to celebrate your friendship
• Birthstone jewelry
• Initial jewelry
• Vintage jewelry piece

Whatever you choose, be sure to observe the style, design, precious metal and gemstone preferences of your friend. See what they tend to wear and the style they like, such as traditional, modern, or antique. You can even ask them what they like so you make sure that you gift them with something they will wear.

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