vintagering-resized-600ringsets-resized-600Making the decision to ask that special someone for their hand in marriage is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make.

When you decide that person is the one, your next biggest decision is what type of engagement ring to let them know you want to marry them.

Here are some tips on selecting the perfect engagement ring:

  • Decide if you want to go with an engagement ring that is already made or you want to create a custom engagement ring. We offer a wide range of premade engagement rings plus we have a custom jewelry bar where you can easily and affordably create your own engagement ring.
  • Think about your budget and how much you can reasonably spend that won’t put you outside of your means to pay back. You also don’t want to start off a marriage in debt so put a lot of thought into a price that works for you and your future life. After all, you do also have to plan for a wedding and honeymoon so keep that all in your mind as you plan your budget.
  • Think about style, design, and shape. The best place to start is to look at what your bride likes to wear now in terms of jewelry and fashion. This will help you narrow down exactly what you think she may like. If you are really struggling, take her out to a jewelry store for a browse and see what she is drawn to.solitairering-resized-600
  • When you select a jewelry store, do your homework by visiting many of your local jewelry shops and seeing what they offer, what prices they use, and how their service is when dealing with customers. Also, you can also check online for reviews and recommendations to see what others are saying about each jewelry store so you can determine the kind of experience you might have when picking out and buying that engagement ring.sidestonering-resized-600
  • Get your engagement ring insured. Have it appraised first and use that appraisal for the insurance information. You want to make sure that after making such a big investment that your future spouse doesn’t lose it and leave you with no way to replace it.

Don’t panic or stress over buying an engagement ring. Just know that you are doing something toward making the rest of your life special.

We would love to help you enjoy the entire engagement ring purchase experience so stop in and see what we have to offer!