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Tips for Selling Your Gold Jewelry

Gold continues to be an excellent investment and, when you are ready, it can also deliver good liquidity value. However, before you think of selling your gold jewelry, you need to know how the process works and follow some tips if you want to maximize what you make. Understand How Gold is Measured Gold weight determines its value, but jewelers use a different measurement standard called a Troy ounce, which is 31.1 grams per Troy ounce versus 28 grams per standard ounce. Some jewelers and gold dealers use a system of weights that is known as a pennyweight to measure a Troy ounce. If they are not using this system to measure, you might want to consider using a different dealer to sell your gold. Recognize Karats Also Determine Value Since gold is too soft to be used on its own, it is mixed with other metals to create the necessary durability to make it into jewelry. It is important that you know the karats of the gold you are trying to sell so you can determine if you are receiving a fair price. If you are going to sell jewelry that has different karat value, be sure to separate [...]

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Jewelry Ideas for Prom

With prom coming up at the local area high schools here in Houston, we wanted to share some great jewelry ideas for prom where you can accent that great prom outfit with something truly special. Here are some of the popular trends we see for prom 2016: Chandelier earrings work well with an up-do hairstyle and off-the-shoulder dress. These earrings are typically gold as this provides the most elegant look over silver. A necklace with numerous drop features along it is ideal for an off-the-shoulder dress as it calls attention to the neck and shoulder area. It tends to go well with a more glamorous style of prom dress. Costume jewelry continues to be popular as it offers a dramatic look to any prom attire. Very popular are art-deco style bracelets, necklaces, and brooches. Jeweled headbands and armbands are very popular this year. Just make sure that a jeweled armband doesn’t interfere with your prom corsage. Stacked pearl bracelets are a cool trend this year, offering a great romantic look for a very classic or traditional style of prom dress. Stackable rings are another trend that has emerged for prom in 2016. These gold rings can have gemstones or be [...]

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We Support Local Charities in Pasadena, Texas

As a long-standing member of the local community in Pasadena, Texas, we have been committed to supporting local organizations that raise money and help out our neighbors and citizens in need of greater assistance. For over 25 years, we have participated in various charities and fundraising efforts throughout Houston and the Pasadena, Texas area. Project Joy & Hope One of the charities we support is Project Joy & Hope. Their mission is to “promote the physical and psychological well-being of children with life-limiting conditions as well as to support their families. They offer this assistance through education, program and resource development, and community awareness events. To further our efforts in helping local charities like Project Joy & Hope, your purchase in our Pasadena, TX jewelry store or online at our Ebay store will mean that they get extra funds. We donate 10% of all Ebay sales to Project Joy & Hope. That includes our live auctions and inventory that is currently listed in our Ebay store. VFW Necklaces We have also participated in the local community in other ways. For example, the VFW commissioned a stunning custom gold necklace that they give to the families of fallen soldiers. This is [...]

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Facts About Buying and Selling Jewelry

Whether you are considering new jewelry or antique jewelry as a gift for someone special, especially with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, or you are looking to sell jewelry to a reputable dealer for the best price, here are some facts to keep in mind: Be aware of the current price of precious metals. You can find these prices online through various websites as well as through jewelry websites. Closeup of gold jewelery with precious stones Research what various pieces of jewelry cost that are similar to what you are looking for or what you are buying. You can also find this information online through various jewelry sites as well as by visiting different jewelry stores. Jewelry prices change with the rate of precious metals as well as due to trends. Remember that your jewelry is only worth what someone else is willing to pay for it. Realize that there is a different between the retail price and what you will get paid for your jewelry or what you are buying jewelry for. A jewelry store obviously needs to make a profit to remain in business, but you want to select a jewelry partner based on those [...]

Personalized Jewelry Gift Suggestions for Your Dad on Father’s Day

You wanted to give your dad something special for Father’s day, so you decided on giving him jewelry! This is an excellent choice for a gift, because jewelry is a symbol of honoring him as well; it is something that will bear a sentimental value for your dad for years and years to come. Do you want your gift to be more than appreciated, then, personalize it! Personalizing your gift means you took enough time to look for the best choice. When your dad finally sees your gift he will know for sure that you really had him in mind. Are you at a loss as to how you could personalize your jewelry gift? Here are some suggestions: Something about his birth sign Whether Capricorn, Virgo or Scorpio you’ll find a piece of jewelry that will show his birth sign. Stainless steel jewelry for men, for example, has lots of pendants of crab for cancer, ram for Aries or bull for Taurus. Likewise, if you prefer the more formal metal designs choose the star signs of his birth month instead. Something about his personal interest Does he like golf, tennis, cycling, or music? If he regularly wears cufflinks at work [...]

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Diamond Jewelry is Not Just a Mom’s Best Friend… Dad’s too!

Your expert jeweler in Pasadena TX says, “Gone are the days when diamonds are limited only to women’s jewelry”. These days, modern men enjoy the brilliance of diamonds in their own jewelry pieces. Diamonds hold many symbolic meanings – eternal love, passion, power, strength and healing – that over the years people regard as mystical. Since the beginning of the discovery of this rare gift of nature, the desire for this stone never really faded for those who wish to possess it. Thanks to modern technology, diamonds are no longer limited to the possession by only the wealthy; we now see a lot of synthetic diamonds mimicking the real thing in most jewelry setting. Men’s jewelries over the years were seen to include diamonds in them sometimes more than what women has in a single setting. But if you find the traditional designs too outdated for your modern dad, then consider some of the modern jewelry designs for men that continue to marry masculinity with elegance and style – with diamonds, of course, to highlight the setting. Gold Gold remains the top choice of middle-aged men. They fit quite well in his power dressing at work and formal gatherings. Gold [...]

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Things to consider When Buying Jewelry for Your Dad

You may have already decided on buying jewelry for your dad for Father’s day, but you may be wondering what you need to consider in making the right jewelry choices. You want to make sure he would appreciate the gift. After all, you are aware that buying jewelry will cost a little more than the usual gifts. If you notice that your dad isn’t a fan of jewelry, don’t think it’s because he doesn’t like them. Not all men are entirely comfortable in going to jewelry stores. They aren’t keen on the right selection and are afraid of being pursued to buy something he doesn’t really. However dad is always happy to know that his kids are thinking of him, so giving him jewelry with “DAD” in mind will definitely please him. Here are some the things you need to consider in buying the right kind of jewelry: Personality and Style Why should men be left out in fashion; men’s jewelry these days are designed and made to include some sense of fashion in them. Pick a piece that would complement his casual style so he’d have no problem using that regularly. Whether his personality is formal or fun and [...]

Jewelry to Match Your Wedding Theme

Preparing for a wedding is a very daunting task; there’s just so much to do and so much to prepare, not every jewelry store in Pasadena, TX listens to their customers and seeks to understands the individual concern of each individual customer. If you’re not up to it you will hardly enjoy the wedding you have been dreaming about. One of the things that you need to make sure is how to look your best on your own wedding day.  We get it! This, of course, starts from your wedding gown, your hair and make-up and then your bridal jewelry. It’s important to give enough time to these things as they will help create your overall look on your wedding day that will be immortalized in pictures and videos. Your wedding jewelry are the pieces that will add elegance to your already glamorous face. They can be used as headpieces, too. And because all eyes are going to be on you, your jewelry should be well selected to coordinate properly with your gown, hair, the shape of your face, but more so with your wedding theme. Whatever wedding theme you are going to have, be it modern, traditional or vintage, [...]