Great Jewelry Gifts for Mother’s Day

Moms love jewelry. And, moms deserve something special and sentimental like a special piece of jewelry for Mother’s Day. Not only is it something that they will treasure, but you will also be letting them know just how special they are to you. This Mother’s Day lands on Sunday, May 8th. With just under a week to get your shopping done, we’ve put together a Mother’s Day gift guide of jewelry ideas that she is sure to love. Check out these Mother’s Day jewelry ideas: Heart jewelry shows your love for mom, including a heart-shaped pendant, heart brooch, or heart-shaped locket. Heart earrings and rings are also an option. Charm bracelets continue to be popular. Charms can be added to personalize it, including birthstones of children and herself as well as charms that symbolize her interests and hobbies. Diamonds are a stunning way to show Mom love, especially diamond stud earrings, a tennis bracelet, or special ring. Gemstone earrings are another favorite among Moms and can be made to incorporate all types of designs and style preferences. Birthstone jewelry is a way to celebrate being a mom, including incorporating the birth stones of all children in a ring, bracelet, or [...]

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Facts About Buying and Selling Jewelry

Whether you are considering new jewelry or antique jewelry as a gift for someone special, especially with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, or you are looking to sell jewelry to a reputable dealer for the best price, here are some facts to keep in mind: Be aware of the current price of precious metals. You can find these prices online through various websites as well as through jewelry websites. Closeup of gold jewelery with precious stones Research what various pieces of jewelry cost that are similar to what you are looking for or what you are buying. You can also find this information online through various jewelry sites as well as by visiting different jewelry stores. Jewelry prices change with the rate of precious metals as well as due to trends. Remember that your jewelry is only worth what someone else is willing to pay for it. Realize that there is a different between the retail price and what you will get paid for your jewelry or what you are buying jewelry for. A jewelry store obviously needs to make a profit to remain in business, but you want to select a jewelry partner based on those [...]

Visit Our Custom Jewelry Bar to Create Your Own Special Pieces

One of the unique features that we offer in our Houston area jewelry store is a custom jewelry bar. This is the spot to come to relax and enjoy the experience of creating a truly custom piece of jewelry for yourself or a loved one. You will partner directly with one of our extraordinary artisans on creating something unique that will be treasured for years to come. Your dream of owning custom jewelry doesn’t have to wait until you win the lottery or hit that jackpot. We work within your budget and suggest the materials that would provide you with what you want without breaking the bank. Here’s how our custom jewelry bar experience works: Describe your design idea or sketch an image. If you still aren’t sure what you want, we can talk it through with you by having you look at jewelry we have or other designs we have done to see what you like. Select the precious metal you want to use, which we can provide or you can opt to use old used jewelry that we turn into something new. This is especially a good idea for those who may have a smaller budget. Precious metal [...]

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A Brief History About Collecting Coins from Pasadena Coin

Here's more information on coins from your Pasadena coin store. To the non-collectors, coin collecting can be seen as just a lame hobby to pass time; a way to feed on curiosity or wonder. The reality is that coin collecting is so much more than that. A Brief History of the Use of Metal Coins Back in the ancient times, the way to acquire something that is necessary for daily living was through bartering of other important goods or items. People would exchange their cattle, sheep skin or agricultural produce for land, other food or clothing. Later, with the growing knowledge and interest of people with metals like silver or gold, demand for these items led them to become the “currency” for acquiring goods. This new medium of trade became successful because of the convenience of exchange process that soon after, monetary values were assigned to these metals. During the time of Abraham, “shekal” was the unit of value of both silver and gold. Although one cannot really say who, when and how the first coin was minted, it was still agreed in history that the first minted coin was released in the islands of Greece. Later, Persians and Romans [...]