White Gold Jewelry Accents the Bride on Her Wedding Day

The Best Jewelry Options For Wedding Day The bridal jewelry set is among the many exciting items to plan for your wedding day, so remember bridal gift ideas can be found at your local jewelry store. This is not a surprise; the bridal jewelry, like the bride herself, will be the center of attention. A mismatched jewelry will definitely risk ruining the bride’s overall glamour on her own wedding day. We think that white gold jewelry accents the Bride on her Wedding Day! The wedding jewelry should also complement the bridal gown, making sure the pieces on her ears, fingers, neck line, and wrist would become an extension of the already-delightful ornaments that highlight the gown. The bride can choose among gold, silver, platinum and white gold for the base metal of her jewelries. While yellow gold is traditionally used, white gold is fast becoming a favorite among brides. Technically and aesthetically speaking . . . White gold is formed by combining palladium (a form of alloy) and gold to turn yellow gold to white. Some white gold has nickel in it instead of palladium; however, nickel is a common allergen and is not widely preferred. Between gold and white gold, [...]