Jewelry Gift Ideas for National Rose Month

June is national rose month and it’s a great time to extend that celebration into a jewelry gift for a loved one or even for yourself. We have some great ideas for celebrating the beautiful rose this month: Rose Gold As you may know, pure gold is always yellow. However, to create rose gold, colored alloys are mixed together and then added to gold to create rose-colored rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces. The reddish color is created by adding copper in just a very small amount. Sometimes, silver is also added to provide a different pink hue. Many people enjoy this type of jewelry because it creates a different look and often stands out from just the typical yellow gold color. The rose gold is also a way to match jewelry with certain clothing styles or looks you want to create. Rose Jewelry We also can offer or custom create rose jewelry, such as rose pendants, bracelets, or broaches. We’ve also taken a real rose and dipped it in 24k gold for customers, creating a lifetime way to tell someone how much you love them. There are many unique ways to incorporate roses in your jewelry that you can discover [...]