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Caring for Treasured Watches Passed Down Through the Generations

Whether it is a pocket watch, classic Rolex, or a vintage watch passed down to you from generation to generation, you want to take care of it and ensure that you can then pass it down to your children and grandchildren. You can keep that treasured family heirloom in good working order just by having it regularly maintained by a watch repair company like our jewelry store in Pasadena, Texas. Closeup of gold jewelery with precious stones Here are some things that we do to ensure your treasured watches stay in the best shape possible: Clean and oil the watch or pocket watch, including taking the watch movement apart. All parts are washed in benzene, including jewel mountings, wheels, screws, balance, jewels and more. This removes any dirt and old oil that has accumulated over time. The parts are also washed in a special soap solution, cleaned in cyanide, put back into soap and water, and then immersed in alcohol before being left to completely dry. Each part of your watch or pocket watch is then polished and reassembled. All bearing surfaces are oiled. While not in use, you should keep your antique watches and vintage pocket watches [...]

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Facts About Jewelry and Watch Repair

If you have a watch or some jewelry that is in need of repair, it may be time to consider taking it into a reputable jewelry store to get it back to looking new. Before you go the next step, consider these general facts about watch and jewelry repair. Things to Know About Watch Repair Some watches just need cleaning while others may require a complete overhaul. An overall for a watch involves taking the complete movement apart, ultrasonically cleaning and oiling it, and putting it back together. This typically should be done every five years. Your watch may need a quartz conversion, which means that the mechanical/electric movement is replaced with a modern regulated quartz movement. It is a great way to update a treasured watch. Watch stem and crown repair involves the little knob on the side of a watch, which helps you set the time on the watch. Simpler watch repairs include replacing the watch battery. This is necessary when your watch stops telling the correct time or just stops running altogether. Other changes that may be needed include replacing the gasket on the watch as well as polishing the metal band or replacing the band or [...]

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